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Musicians In Mityana Threaten To Make Mass Naked Strike Due To Hunger

Musicians in Mityana have come out to threaten government how they are going to protest by walking naked in the city centre of Mityana.

These say that their condition is very worrying due to the 42 day lockdown effects.

Government declared a 42 day lockdown on the 18th of June and went ahead to announce how it was going to release relief funds to those termed as vulnerable.

A list was a few days ago released summarising the categories of vulnerable people identified where musicians were included.

Now disgruntled musicians who are in the  Mityana Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) cluster have said that if help is not availed to them soon, they will not hold back doing the undoable.

These musicians said that they will only wear masks and walk naked while social distancing until their plea is heard.

They also opposed the idea of giving money to UMA or LC 1 chairmen to distribute to them saying they won’t get it.

Their treasurer Christine Ssempangi took to pleading with government to help these artists to save then from starving to death.

Also their spokesperson called Emma one Dada said that he had bought posho and beans for these artistes but it got done.

They went ahead to approach the RDC’s office but didn’t not find him there.

They instead found his deputy who also told them he was an artiste and who would prioritise them.

However when he was called by Radio Simba’s Sula Senyonga, the deputy RDC said that he has never been an artist and just wanted to get these artistes off his case.

He however said he will do all he can to help them but for now he has a lot on his table which are more vital than these artistes’ case.

He basically sent them to undress and we shall therefore keep you updated in case there is mass naked strike in Mityana.

Siggy Aine
Siggy Aine
Siggy Aine is a Ugandan Entertainment Journalist. A news reporter and writer for several Ugandan online newspapers and websites.


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