Home News Entertainment MC Kats’ Girlfriend Caroline Marcah Displays HIV Results On Camera

MC Kats’ Girlfriend Caroline Marcah Displays HIV Results On Camera

MC Kats’ Girlfriend Caroline Marcah Displays HIV Results On Camera

Edwin Katamba aka MC Kats’ girlfriend Mirembe Caroline aka Caroline Marcah braved up herself infront of cameras yesterday and disclosed her HIV status.

Many people have in the past alleged how the Bukedde TV presenter is leaving with the dog since she in a romantic relationship with the king of the mic, Kats.

It should be recalled that Kats in 2019 came out publicly to reveal his HIV status which was positive.

This revelation led to the death of his relationship with baby mama Fille Mutoni.

Speculation arose early this year when Kats and Marcah started behaving in an unsual way towards one another.

After both parties downplaying the rumor of dating, they finally accepted that they are an item.

This led to anger from some of Marcah’s family and friends and some fans wondered how she could fall in love with a man everyone knows is suffering from a deadly disease.

However, she has proved to everyone that love knows no boundaries and she’s ready to stick by her man no matter what.

Displaying the results, Marcah told people to stop stigmatizing her only because she’s Kat’s girlfriend.

“I’m HIV negative, these are my results from the hospital. People should stop stigmatizing me because I’m Kat’s girlfriend only because he’s HIV positive. This situation has just showed me the real and fake people.” Marcah said.

Marcah went ahead to say that no one is going to ever separate her from Kats because they will be together for life.

She added that she’s fought battles for the NBS TV After 5 presenter and she will continue doing so.

Meanwhile, during an appearance in a Facebook live, Kats said that all his ex girlfriends and children are HIV negative.

People should therefore stop stigmatizing them because it affects them psychologically.


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