Home News Entertainment Lydia Jazmine reveals past two years have been hard

Lydia Jazmine reveals past two years have been hard

Lydia Jazmine reveals past two years have been hard

Songstress Nabawanukka Lydia Jazmine has come out to reveal that the past two years have been one of the hardest for her financially.

The Masukka singer said that ever since the music industry was shut down due to the COVID 19 pandemic, everything has been hard for most musicians.

For her case, Jazmine revealed that she’s been surviving on the money she racks up from brand endorsement deals.

Jazmine also added that she has been performing on different small gigs

She further said that she’s looking forward to the end of the year such that the industry can be opened once again.

The beautiful singer also talked about plans of releasing her final song of the year.

Jazmine said that the song is already done but only waiting to get a potential collaborator.

“I’m lucky that I signed many endorsement deals this year. It’s the money from these that I’m surviving on. There are also a number of gigs that usually come by like parties where I perform because I have no option. I think most artistes are surviving on endorsement deals because the past two years have been terrible for us. I’m soon releasing my final song of the year which is already done,” Lydia Jazmine revealed.

She’s one of the singers with the most endorsement deals with her Radiant cosmetics deal being the highlight.


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