Home News Entertainment LIES: Catherine Kusasira contradicts self about ‘NRM’ Bundles of money she appeared with in a video

LIES: Catherine Kusasira contradicts self about ‘NRM’ Bundles of money she appeared with in a video

LIES: Catherine Kusasira contradicts self about ‘NRM’ Bundles of money she appeared with in a video

Catherine Kusasira insists that she will continue fighting for her well deserved money in NRM after releasing a clarification on yesterday’s statement where she said that she’s disgraced by NRM.

Kusasira particularly reacted to the online video that appeared in 2020 showing her in a car having bundles of money which she claimed were the gifts of supporting NRM.

Kusasira has come out to claim that money she appeared with in the video belonged to her and was not given to her by the NRM party.

“Point of clarification the video that went viral was not money from NRM it was my own money” Kusasira said.

Kusasira’s claims

Catherine Kusasira claims that she was looking swagger and ‘vibe’ displaying that money and claiming it was from NRM yet it was her own.

She further claims that she used that money to purchase welding machines which she distributed to youths in different parts of the country.

This follows her claim yesterday on Saturday that the took personal bank loans in order to finance projects that motivated youths who had started joining the new movement group – People Power the precursor of National Unity Platform – NUP.

“In fact I used that money to buy welding machines that I distributed to youth from different parts of our country this intended to have a good image of our Government to our youth who were being driven to bad acts by selfish minded people during election period”

Kusasira went on to say that the video that emerged is being spread by two mafias who are fighting her in NRM.

Contradictions, Lies and Falsehoods.

In February 2020, when the video first appeared on social media, Nakaguubi Jennifer aka Full Figure was among Ugandans who criticized Kusasira for displaying NRM cash.

Catherine Kusasira issued a statement and apologized after the incident.

In her apology, Kusasira made it clear that money was meant for organizing her ‘Tears of a Woman concert’ a year back in 2019 indicating that the video was post released.

“The message behind the rotating video on social media is that it’s on this NRM regime/Government where we have managed to work hard in a peaceful environment in our country and got money. But it is an old video. That money was for organizing my ‘TearsOfAWoman’ concert at Serena Hotel last year in 2019” Catherine Kusasira, February 14, 2020.

It is not only amazing but even shaming to see Catherine Kusasira coming out to tell Ugandans that money, which she clearly in her sober mind said was for organizing her concert, was actually spent buying welding machines which no group of youths even affirm to have received.

2020 post and contradicting 2022 post

Catherine Kusasira has probably forgotten what she told Ugandans, or has said a lot of lies since joining politics and no longer remembers what she could said just two years ago.

Her claims that the video is being spread by Mafias who are fighting her in NRM are ungrounded. The video was released by her in 2020 and has been on the internet since then. Therefore netizens reminding her of the videos she used to post holding ‘NRM’ cash does not require mafia intervention.

Video of Kusasira displaying NRM Cash.


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