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Katumba John speaks out on the trending photo of him with dreadlocks

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Former Presidential Candidate John Katumba of Katumba Oyee fame has denied being the owner of the photos that depict him with deadlocks on the head looking like a Rastafarian.

Photos that were making rounds were watermarked with a name of a popular saloon and parlor centre Mart Barber who at one time last year offered Katumba a free haircut.

Katumba however told hundreds of thousands of his supporters using his twitter channel that the photos do not belong to him and those spreading them have no other reason other than spoilinmg his heard earned name.

Katumba alleges that Mat Barber was probably paid to post do such ohotohop and has told the public to treat those photos with contempt that they deserve.

“That’s not me, Martbarber wewumuzeko, how much did they pay you to photo edit this?”

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Katumba gained fame by being the youngest ever Presidential candidate in Uganda’s elections where a huge following of the youths supported him. He has however been off the news ever since the presidential elections were concluded.

Unaware about his whereabouts, his supporters were dismayed seeing their humble, presidential hopeful Katumba now having dreads all over his head with a cut in the sides populary known as ‘ekigooli’.

Katumba John Hair style
Side view of alleged Katumba John new style

With Katumba assuring his supporters that has nothing to with those photoshopped photos, his supporters will probably take hearts and go back to the plan of seeing Katumba John come back bigger and strong in 2026 Presidential elections.

“I petty even nebosala enviri, my God help you, your devil won’t pull me there oswade” Katumba assured Mart.

Katumba concluded with a prayer to his clan-mate and namesake General Katumba Wamala who is nursing wounds following the attempted assassination.

“But all in all may God rescue General Katumba wamala”

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