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Here’s the whole truth about Gabbie Ntaate’s wedding


Social media was sent into a frenzy last month after a number of pictures appeared on Spark TV’s Livewire presenter Gabbie Ntaate’s social media pages.

A number of people flocked her comment section to congratulate her but there were some who were skeptical about this Marriage.

People in the entertainment industry have developed a habit of using such stunts to promote their content and the public has easily fallen for them.

So did Gabbie Ntaate finally and really say I do or not?

From the photos posted, Ntaate had no ring on her finger and besides her bestie Precious Remmie was no where to be seen in the photos.

As is the custom in the Ugandan marriage practice, a Kukyala and Introduction always come before the wedding which was not the case with a high profiled person like Gabbie.

Yes indeed she did not get married but was on a video shoot of her new song titled Promise (Nkwagala).

The song was released today and narrates about the beauty of love and marriage as she said.

“A beautiful love and marriage ballad aimed to bring the reassurance of a forever after to the one you love,” Ntaate said.

Unsurprisingly, the same man seen in the photos appears in the video as the groom.

So yes you were caught unaware and ‘April 1st-ed’, you can now reclaim your congratulations in peace.

Siggy Aine
Siggy Aine
Siggy Aine is a Ugandan Entertainment Journalist. A news reporter and writer for several Ugandan online newspapers and websites.


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