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Galaxy FM’s Presenter Mr Henri Lavishes Lover Prima Kardashi With A Castle Of Words

Ever since Mr Henri and Prima Kardashi’s relationship became a public secret, the two have gone ahead to paint social media red and blue with their romance.

The two moved in after Prima bitterly broke up with baby daddy and singer Geosteady. And by the look of things, she found what the ‘Owooma’ singer could never deliver in the Galaxy FM presenter.

The two who are currently enjoying a lavish vacation in the oil rich city of Dubai have however met a lot of criticism along the way.

They have however kept going despite being taunted by haters how it will end in oceanic tears.

To prove these wrong, Mr Henri who presents the Mid morning show on Galaxy FM too to his social media handles to praise his new bae for the woman she is.

“Let me Tell you about this Woman.

She is stronger than most of you will ever be. She has done it and seen it all so nothing can shake her anymore. Her Heart has been completely ripped once but here she stands with a smile on her face that makes many out there stamble.” Henri real names Henry Arinaitwe wrote.

He went ahead to praise her financial knowledge that few women possess.

“She is blessed with a business mind that is unquestionable. Something most of us realise at a later stage in life but for her, it came in timely. @prima_lusaniya @prima_tours_uganda  @prima_kardashi  @prima_for_the_women and others in the pipeline. Give her an aidience to speak… She will blow your mind with ideas and insights that will change your life.” Henri lavished his new love.

Henri who wasn’t yet done praising his woman said that she’s a woman who never lets her children lack anything. Besides she’s a kind and goo hearted as she wishes everyone good regardless of who they are.

“She is a mother. Her children never lack, what they need, they get and she will do anything to ensure they are comfortable and happy. Now those are uncountable blessings.

She absolutely has no bad energy towards anything or anybody. She is kind, she wishes people well and she has a giving heart.  She is that kind of person who is always giving a helping hand to many, but with very few returning the favor.” Henri wrote.

He concluded by promising his woman how he will stick by her no matter what and shame those who say it will end in tears.

” Prima Kardashi is an Inspiration. She is the Luminary for a new generation and a testimony that nothing is impossible.

Will it End In Tears? …There are no tears she hasnt shed yet so pls give the woman a break and take your negative energy else where.

Before you say nio nio nio, many of you cant even walk quater a mile in her shoes. RESPECT THAT.

I LOVE YOU @prima_kardashi.” Henri concluded.

Siggy Aine
Siggy Aine
Siggy Aine is a Ugandan Entertainment Journalist. A news reporter and writer for several Ugandan online newspapers and websites.


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