Home News Entertainment Eve Jay a lady alleged to be in Lira’s leaked video speaks out

Eve Jay a lady alleged to be in Lira’s leaked video speaks out

Eve Jay a lady alleged to be in Lira’s leaked video speaks out

A private video of a couple has been trending on the internet for 3 days now and was allegedly released from Lira City.

According to the allegations, the Video featured Okello Ken a radio manager in Lira city and Eve Jay a popular socialite in the local community.

The two are seen dressed sitting on the bed as they look at each in photos and then a video clip of a girl riding man which made the internet go crazy.

Eve at first said that is not bothered by the so called nudes of hers denying knowledge of the said video.

“I am fine and not threatened by any kind of post about my nudes or sex tape being released” Eve Jay said on Wednesday.

According to Starboy Douglas Promota Madoro, a local music promoter in Lira City, he confirms identifying the face of Ken Okello and Eve Jay in the photos however he says that people in the photos are not necessarily people in the videos, since faces of the people in the video are not shown.

“Well The pictures indicate A Face of one of a CEO’S in Lira” Madoro said “However we can’t judge yet because the face wasn’t there in the video so there ain’t Enough Evidence”

The video which was leaked by a yet to be known person has been circulating like wild fire. Details of how the video managed to leak are still scarce with some rumors saying that the phones of the victims were hacked.

Eve Jay later posted a quote that seemed to be a message to people who do not know the whole story but ate rushing to blame her.

“Better know nothing than half-know many THINGS.” She said on her social media account as she received messages from her friends who comforted her.


  1. I watched the video. Look closely at the necklace that the girl in the photos is wearing…go to the video and the rider is wearing the same necklace.


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