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Alex Muhangi Advises Comedian Sam Ekanya to do Something more Useful

Comedy store CEO Alex Muhangi has come out to advise faded comedian Sam Ekanya of the Mighty Family to stop playing useless tricks and concentrate on his career.

It should he noted that last year Ekanya a member of the Mighty family that had been performing at Muhangi’s comedy store alleged that he had been kidnapped.

Rumor went around how it was Muhangi who had plotted his kidnap by security forces.

This was after a video emerged of Ekanya insulting President Museveni.

Muhangi went ahead to call Ekanya and advise him on how to handle his grievances.

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Ekanya however went on to leak the conversation with Muhangi which led to a belief that Muhangi had plotted his kidnap.

However it was later found out that the comedian with his other friends were acting up the whole scenario.

These hoped to taint a bad public image of Muhangi and even get money.

It’s said after all this had settled down Sam Ekanya fled the country.

Muhangi while speaking to Spark TV advised Ekanya to behave and concentrate on useful things.

“I want to advise my young brother to ingest his energies in something useful. I heard he’s no longer in the country so I don’t know how they will be acting their comedy, maybe virtually. However I want to advise him that life is not lived while playing childish pranks. He is a creative and a great mind who can use his talent usefully. I want to advise him to stop abusing the president because he won’t keep on living a life of hiding,” Muhangi said.

Siggy Aine
Siggy Aine
Siggy Aine is a Ugandan Entertainment Journalist. A news reporter and writer for several Ugandan online newspapers and websites.


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