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Eng. Kiggundu to be dragged to court over delaying opposition stronghold results

The independent coalition observer Simba has threatened to take Badru Kigundu in court over allegations of delaying to tally and index results from the opposition Stronghold areas.
This was during the announcing of the 9th batch of the electoral results at the National Tally Centre at Namboole National Stadium by the Electoral Commission Chairman Eng Badru Kiggundu which had the incumbent President Yoweri Museveni taking the lead with 61.55% above the FDC candidate Dr Kiiza Besigye who is having 34.47%.
Simba affirmed that he has evidence that some results were submitted yesterday to the tally centre from the district tally centres located in areas which are the strongholds of the opposition but to his surprise, the results are not yet indexed up to now. He asked Eng Badru Kiggundu is he is ready to explain his actions if dragged to court over the allegations of deliberately refusing to add up results from the Opposition strongholds.
Badru Kiggundu on the other hand said that he will be happy and willing to go to court if allegations made have evidence and that he will explain his actions. This was minutes after the speaker of the electoral commission Taremwa Jotham had explained that among the last results over 1100 polling stations out of 1338 polling stations in Kampala were included.
The major strongholds of Kizza Besigye who is the key opposition figure have been and include Kampala, Wakiso, Rukungiri, Jinja, Kasese, Mbale and Lira. and most of these elections have not yet arrived with Kasese having only 22 out of 603, Jinja,  11 out of 399 polling stations while Rukungiri the home district of Kizza Besigye has only 3 out of 276 polling stations.
We are waiting for the next batch of the results which will be the last the 10th and we expect these areas to be represented with a huge portion since it is likely to be the last batch of Provisional results as we wait for the final results.

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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