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Embattled NTV starts a recruitment program to replace workers taken by NBS

NTV Uganda has finally succumbed to the loss of its great workers and have started the replacement program to maintain its top position. Just days after the renown MC, the NTV Xpozed presenter MC Kats left to NBS, The Serena Based TV has announced the recruitment program to look for the replacements.
MC Kats is not the only NTV Worker who left NTV to the Kamwokya based TV Station, but NBS first swept the Leading names in the NTV Newsroom including the popular Solomon Sserwanja. Rumors have been that Frank Walusimbi is also heading to the Buganda owned TV BBS TV while Douglas might follow his long time friend MC Kats on NBS.
This has forced NTV to conduct a recruitment program and hae posted on their online media channels including the website and Facebook page calling for people with “fresh ideas” to apply for the jobs.
NTV is not only looking for presenters but also innovative people who will pioneer new engaging TV shows that will catch the lost audience. NTV in 20014 introduced a TV show called Be My Date which was hosted by the nudetress Anita Fabiola and the show attracted tens of thousands of viewers but later lost sense when the TV chased the pioneer presenter after her private photos leaked to the public. This reduced the number of fans who sympathized with Anita Fabiola plus those who found the remaining programs no longer interesting.  Therefore the TV Station feels that someone innovative can bring a new TV Show that will also attract multitudes.
If you think you are that person needed by NTV Uganda in this desperate situation, do not hesitate but rather apply for the job. You can check on their website or Facebook page for details. Who knows, you could be that person to save the crumbled TV Station.

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
A Ugandan Business and Financial News Journalist. Writer and a critic. Reports Entertainment News for Blizz Uganda website.

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