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Eddy Kenzo’s photo showing his big pen* Ladies envy Rema

I never knew women too have that strong feeling when they look at the weapons possessed by men. I just witnessed that today when King Saha posted photos of him and Eddy Kenzo praying football as they paused for the photo, Kenzo’s huge gologo could just be seen overlapping in his shot.
Just like how we guys feel when we look at girls thighs, Carmel toe or any place the brings us closer to their “oil city” I just started seeing ladies this time comment in appreciation of Eddy Kenzo’s Kitone. One lady said that “Eddy Kenzo is gifted by Nature and Rema must be a lucky woman”
More other ladies were seen commenting the “hmmm” while others could not hide their feeling towards the photo. And had to praise Kenzo’s natural gift. Meanwhile Eddy Kenzo and King Saha were in the playground playing football before they paused for the photos. Below are the images.
Eddy Kenzo D
Eddy Kenzo and Saha
Eddy Kenzo and King Saha

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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