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Eddy Kenzo responds to claims that he sacrificed Alex (Sitya Loss)

After the trending rumor that it’s Eddy Kenzo who sacrificed Alex Sempijja the Sitya Loss kid that died yesterday, Eddy Kenzo finally has spoken out about the incident.
He said that he is not shocked by the words, because he has seen it happen very often when people lose their loved ones instead of being counseled they are rather attacked. He gave an example of Chameleone and Juliana who lost their loved ones way back and on addition instead they received attacks from the public saying that they sacrificed them. He added that he knows all about his success but they shouldn’t be doing that to turnish his name.
He asked those saying such baseless things to keep quiet at the moment and not to make him cry again as he has already shed enough tears because losing his young friend Alex Sempijja. Below is what he said

“”It’s not new, I saw and read all about it when Joseph (Chameleone), Juliana, etc lost their loved ones, u all said it was a sacrifice. I have lost Alex and it’s the same thing (sacrifice), omuntu teyefiira newaba mwana mu lubuto nga yavudemu bagamba, nyina yamujeemu, We have lost Alex but instead of praying for the young soul yo just pointing fingers, I know my God is a living God, all this will come to pass, temunkaabya byenkaabye bimala, Wumula mirembe salongo wange, onsoseyo naye nange nzijja mukwano “



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