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Fear: Eddy Kenzo distances the date of his concert from Bebe Cool’s dates

Should I call it a coincidence or intended, Last year concerts involved what I may call unhealthy competitions you all remember the King Saha Vs Chameleone, Bebe Cool Vs Ziza Bafana, Irene Ntale Vs Konshens and Busy Signal, Victor Kamenyu etc but there was a cold war which most of you never noticed. A cold war that was meant to establish who is the super power between America and Russia, this war was not in the soviet but rather in the Ugandan music industry and here are the two titans that were fighting for the throne.
That was a very time when Eddy Kenzo and Bebe Cool were exchanging bitter words, when Eddy Kenzo had taken the BET Award, his song Sitya Loss had reached 12 Million Views on You Tube and useless but to note, he had purchased a house. Fans in the Ugandan music industry were decided between only two singers Bebe Cool and Eddy Kenzo. Little could Eddy Kenzo know that fans that were on his side were majorly from other camps, Firebase forming the majority then Goodlyfe and Leone Island. Unlike his usual month for the concert which is September, Eddy Kenzo decided to bring his concert closer to Bebe Cool’s concert. He just positioned his Mbilo Mbilo concert just a week after the Bebe Cool’s concert Bebe Cool. The whole reason was, he wanted to prove Ugandans that he runs the system of music now. The system ran after him.
I never expected him to do something similar this year and yes he has not repeated the mistake now he has distanced his concert almost a month away from Bebe Cool’s date and he has gone back to his month of September. But why do you think this time he did it differently, well last year, after holding a concert shortly after Bebe Cool’s concert, it made him record a half flop. The concert venue was at excess capacity and various reservations kept empty till the end of the concert. Various party animals had over spent in the previous weekend and found it difficult and expensive to attend the second event in a row.
Bebe Cool had commanded a class of Uganda’s leading entrepreneurs who would also have wanted to support Eddy Kenzo since to them it’s one way they use in advertising their enterprises, but they found it impossible for them to spend two consecutive weekends in concerts. Because of holding a show at a date near Bebe Cool’s date, Eddy Kenzo ended up holding a concert with the majority of ordinary and with a very little corporate class unlike Bebe Cool whose concert was dominated by the corporate class (Around 500 corporate class on 50 tables).
Eddy Kenzo feared to repeat the same mistake since he realized that Bebe Cool already has a share market in the music industry and putting a concert on the same date or near date with him will not reduce on Bebe Cool attendance but rather reduce on his (Kenzo), he has decided to distance to concert a month after the one of Bebe Cool.
Meanwhile Bebe Cool’s concert will be on 5th August 2016 at Serena Hotel Kampala and entrance is UGX 100,000 individual and UGX 5,000,000 a corporate table. Eddy Kenzo’s concert will be on 2nd September 2016 at Hotel Africana Kampala and entrance is yet to be communicated.


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