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Douglas Lwanga Speaks out on Audio & Video Quality in Northern Uganda

During the premiere Tuesday on  24th/may, Douglas Lwanga a presenter at the serena based NTV television got concerned and was hence forced to make a glimpse as far as music from the northern part of Uganda is concerned.
Douglas said all this during his programme “NTV De Beat” where he hosts various musicians and among them that Tuesday were two upcoming singers Destiny & T-Love from Gulu.they had gone to premiere their video “Me & You”. Besides their video, Victor jay’s “Pressure” was also played and from this point is where it rose concern for the show host to give some advise the artists from the north.
I think its high time artists from the north put much emphasis on their audio & videos, comparing North and the west. When you look at the western region, their audios are better than those from the north. But when it comes to video, atleast videos from northern Uganda are abit good” he said
Douglas further added that northern artists should look up for good producers so as to come up with good music, he said they should invest more in those areas so as to beat the competition in the music industry.However, rumors have been making rounds on social media platforms that the presenter bitterly criticized music from the north. It is however clearly known and seen that Douglas is one presenter who has devoted to promoting music from all regions.
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Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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