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Don Zella Reconciles With Her Zungu Husband, Hits At Bigeye

It looks like the drama between singer Bigeye and his ex lover Don Zella is not yet to end as their broken hearts keep on taking new twists each new day specially on Sheila Zella’s side who was left alone in the house.
After the release of her song “Tabbu” it looks like Big Eye didn’t receive the massage well something that prompted Don to make a uturn and return to her ex husband who’s also the father to her other kids.
Don Zella revealed on national TV (NTV) a few weeks ago that she was back with her Zungu lover but no one took her serious so she decided to prove them wrong by visiting Istanbul and taking their love back on top and she posted them on her Facebook.
She hit at the “Indicator” singer BigEye when she captioned it with Sheebah Karungi’s new song called “Wadawa” which she features on Chozen Blad. A song which hits at all ex’s who leave their lovers and end up miserable.
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