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I didn’t steal Dr Fizol’s laptop, cries out Spice Diana

Spice Diana has at long last spoken out her mind about the allegations that she stole the laptop belonging to Dr Fizol, a rumor which has been circulating on various media houses weeks back. Spice Diana gave in her stand saying that all these are done by people who wants to see her down, people who are full envy when they see her success.
Spice Diana said that she has been hustling day and night to build herself and there is no way she can steal a laptop when she is earning what can buy at least 5 laptops. “As per now I can make atleast some good money to buy myself mmmh like 5 #‎laptops I will say” adding that the rumor is spread by her enemies who even pay “desperate” Radio and TV  presenters to spread the rumor something she is saying that she cares less because it adds to her fame and they are promoting her indirectly.
Spice advised them to build their own ladders to get success but not using her as a ladder for them to climb to success. She blamed the media who post things before making research and criticized the social media users who gat the time to post nonsense yet they are sleeping empty stomach.
Below is the edited message from Spice Diana
“Some people take people’s silence for weakness forgetting that strong people love, forgive, walk away, let go, try again, perseveres no matter what life throws at them….
I never knew that at one time ,someone’s own success can make other people so ill n even get admitted in hospitals, others get mental distractions… Am so sorry to the affected people out there, unfortunately these people don’t know us n we don’t know them..there these kind of people who got no shame, you forget to pick a spat in your eye and you so much want to pick what is in someone else’s…and I really wonder where the other part of humanity went
I understand some people are not satisfied until they sabotage someone else’s happiness, businesses, n a name that they v failed to build o make for themselves and you think by tarnishing my name t will all come back to you.. Not everyone who smiles at you comes with friendship some people just want a front seat to your pain
The main contribution to failure is focusing on what others are doing and forgetting that you also have your own hustles… In fact by doing so you not realizing you are contributing to my success…for that matter I thank you so much you even get the guts to pay desperate TV n radio Presenters in this your Kikwekweto to speak ill of me and my family
I understand I don’t come from a reach family. But I am a gal who works hard to v a better tomorrow, which I have done. Because none of you pays my bills. As per now I can make at least some good money to buy myself mmmh like 5 Laptops will say or more.
More surprising guys who post this crap sleep on empty stomachs. Why don’t you use that precious time you waste trying to get attention n seeking for likes to at least do useful things for yourselves
So please thinking this all mawulire will work. I doubt….. You didn’t make me and so you won’t………..try to come up with smother stories n this time try to look for proof n evidence. I am not a criminal, not a thief, and  I have never been n any police cell however much you would wish me to.”

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
A Ugandan Business and Financial News Journalist. Writer and a critic. Reports Entertainment News for Blizz Uganda website.

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