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Diamond’s dad reveals why he cried when he wasn’t invited to Tiffah’s party

Abdul Juma, the father of Tanzania’s heavy hitter Diamond Platnumz, has revealed that he shed tears when he missed out on his granddaughter’s facial unveil celebration which took place on September 21, 2015. Mr Juma wasn’t invited to the party that was held 40 days after Diamond’s daughter Latiffah Dangote was born.
Speaking to Clouds TV on the programme The Weekend Chat Show last Saturday, Mr Juma lamented that despite the fact that he was in constant communication with Diamond’s mum, he wasn’t informed of the party, and that he only learnt of it when he saw photos in newspapers.
“There’s nothing that equals the pain I felt when I missed out on the little one’s celebration,” he said.
“I remember receiving a phone call informing me that my son (Diamond) had gotten a baby, but it wasn’t on the fortieth day after she was born. I was deeply hurt. I shed torrents of tears; I wasn’t invited.
“I am urging (Diamond’s mum) not to sideline or forget about me. I form part of his success considering I also raised him (Diamond),” added Mr Juma.
The old man additionally reminded Diamond that he has a place in his heart.
“I love him very much. If there’s something wrong I committed against them, I humbly apologise. A parent is never wrong. He should nonetheless continue to work hard,” said Mr Juma.
Diamond raised by a single mother
Diamond’s dad separated from his mum when he was six, consequently leaving her to bring him up alone.
In a 2014 interview on The Sporah Show, Diamond recalled the struggles he and his mother went through following the gap left by his dad.
“My father left my mum when I was just six years old and my mum struggled to raise me and my brother,” he told Sporah.
He also recounted how his mother sold her gold ring to raise money for him to record his first song.


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