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I Have contributed a lot to the Music Fraternity in Northern Uganda, Cry’s out Joe Emrold

Singer Joe Emrold real real names Geoffrey Lapoti who is also a former urban TV presenter is no longer at ease ever since he lost work as the host of “Northern Connect”.
There have been rounds of insults on social media platforms with people referring to him as a failure and someone who just boasts over nothing that made him feel at loose ends. However much lots had be said, the fellow had been silent but has now come out and belied all people’s claptraps. He wrote a post on his face book wall showing how he has done a lot to uplift the music fraternity in northern Uganda.
Emrold says that  people are blurt in judging him, he emphasized that he  is the main brain behind famous “Northern connect” programme and that he has natured many upcoming producers into now great beat makers. He further says that he made songs for many now big artists in the north when they were still at grass roots. He then challenged critics to tell him if he is a scrounge and also said he doesn’t do things at anyone’s beck and call.
He posted on his Face book Timeline;
Let me take my time to say this today…..My contributions to the MUSIC INDUSTRY OF NORTHERN UGANDA.
I ve trained various music producers…#‎Nerio empire records ,#‎Franko Kick start records,#‎Labert kick start records, #‎BreezyBeat sound check, #‎Allan Emerald studio, #‎Tonny Big Drums production
Etc……#‎Usaih#‎David_Cream among other producers can bare me witness.
Not only those I am the first Tv presenter from the north in general who promoted northern uganda music for the first time in the history of the north on a national Tv without asking even for a penny……I ve made music that brought so many artists to where they are now. #‎Samicast, #‎Oj_Maxwell, #‎Blamo_and_Laxzy, #‎Tupee, #‎CoolClarion, #‎Victor_Jay, #‎TomJeanz, #‎Chameroon among many others that I cant finish.Some of these artists I mentioned above would still curtain Raise upto now if it wasn’t coz of the love and sacrifice I made to bring them to where they are now.But one thing that surprised me the most is that Some of those artists Comes to me On the knees to help produce for them more music up to now without any pay but they later on Go to other studios where they will pay more after am done doing their songs.#‎Lachot, #‎Sentencing, #‎Mind_your_business,#‎Tonight, #‎Lim loko #coolclarion 2007 etc”
All these are songs from same artists but they have more than 2 different versions made from various studio.But still my copy remains the original n used copy that they stick to…wat does that mean
Should I call this insult to my ideas, taking advantage of my simplicity,using me or luck of respect to a friend, a producer and a brother.
Some of those songs were stolen from my studio with their datas.”
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Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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