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Chris Evans ex officially introduced her new lovers photo

Chris Evans Kaweesi used to be the cool lover of Jamirah Kalungi but the two broke up badly a few months ago Jamirah complaining that Evans wasn’t treating her as good as a Queen she is so she moved on and later got a new lover who she has introduced.
In Buganda a man is well known and honored by the female’s family after being introduced under a huge ceremony and after the ceremony the man and the woman are considered engaged since its the traditional marriage and in all circumstances the couple is supposed to present themselves through a paternal aunt to the whole family.
But this time around Jamirah decided to introduce the photo of her beloved Lover to her family to in order for him to be counted as one of the family members and accepted to be born as the official husband of Chris Evan’s ex fiancé. its not clear why she introduced the photo instead of the real man taking part of the event but whatever it is, it must be important to miss his own ceremony. anyway Cong’s Jamirah and sorry for Chris Evans.
Jamirah evans
Chris Evans' ex

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