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Boycotting Church this Easter is the wickedest mistake FDC will ever make

I have been following the remarks from some FDC leaders and strongholds plus some of its supporters ever since the Archbishop of the Church of Uganda His Grace Rev Stanley Ntagali made his remarks about the elections and situation in the country. Among them the congratulating of the NRM Chairman and the President elect Yoweri Kaguta Museveni, who has been the president of this republic for the last 30 years.
To my expectations, the Forum for Democratic change members reacted to it and blamed the clergy for congratulating and recognizing the President without even clarifying on the state in which their Leader Dr. Kizza Besigye is being handled. Yes that was a nice move and I had no problem with it.
But where the problem was when I saw the first FDC Leader Ingrid Turinawe posting saying that due to the remarks made by the Archbishop, she is not going to attend Church this Easter Sunday. She is not even going to offer anything in the offertory envelope and she is not going to celebrate Easter Holiday but rather stay at home and cook posho with beans. I tried to read in the comments expecting to see someone who will be correcting her and reminding her that her political move is ungodly, but still I could see none, all were either praising her move and others promising to join her as they boycott the Anglican Church. Not too long after I had seen her post, various posts came passing through my Facebook newsfeed with various hash tags but among those was #BoycottAnglicanChurch #BoycottChurchofUganda, #BoycottEasterPrayers and alike as they were all promising not to go to church.
As a Christian I had a lot of questions to ask myself, but with no answers since the answers solely belong to them. Here are my worries, was the Archbishop after a long time not in the country wrong to come and congratulate the President who had won the election? Are these people worshiping the Archbishop or they are worshiping God? Is the church they worship in belonging to the Archbishop or God or themselves? For how long will they boycott the Anglican Church…. Till when Stanley Ntagali retires from the post of being the Archbishop or soon after the Easter is over? Are they taking us back to the old way where politics were played in religions with DP belonging to Catholics and UPC to Protestants? What do they want from the Archbishop, do they want him to apologize to denounce his statement or retire? Most Prominent Pastors, Catholic priests and Muslim leaders are Pro-Museveni, are they going to boycott their churches also?
The worst part of politics is when they are mixed the religion. Proposing to boycott attending churches of God because of a single individual, even when he is the head, nothing should be chasing you from the house of God. Refusing to celebrate the Easter, will Easter be celebrated to honor the Archbishop or to honor Jesus Christ? I feel no one can stop me from celebrating the love of Jesus Christ moreso because of a mere political statement made by a religious leader who is a person just like me. Continuing to spread the boycott campaign against the church is one way of making people hate the church which in the end will be taking people away from God.
I conclude by advising the people who are in need to boycott the church, for the sake of your God, go and attend. Politics should have nothing to with one’s faith. This is the point a leader in the Opposition, definitely FDC, should come up and direct people on how to play the cards well. How to fight for democracy and above all telling people to fear God and give him the required respect and distinctiveness.

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
A Ugandan Business and Financial News Journalist. Writer and a critic. Reports Entertainment News for Blizz Uganda website.

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