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Bobi Wine to start fundraising money for the Cancer Machine

Bobi Wine is considering running a fundraising campaign to help solicit funds to buy the new cancer machine known as the Radiotherapy Machine. The sole machine which was at the Mulago cancer Institute broke down days ago and plans for the replacement remain futile. The Ghetto President feels it a duty of us citizens to raise funds to help procure the cancer machine which could give hope to more than 40,000 cancer patients in the country and he is ready to spearhead the campaign.
Bobi Wine said this on his social media page after posting the photos of the Kabaka run and in a discussion with a fan when asked about the cancer machine, he said the thing has been running in his mind and he is going to introduce the idea in the firebase meeting as they start the fundraising. “I am going to raise that issue in a fire base meeting” said Bobi Wine, “we can buy that machine”
It’s not yet a month when Bobi Wine led the campaign to fundraise money for water and sanitation in Karamoja region, now it’s yet another charity project which we expect to start sooner than later, if passed by the management of Firebase. That’s a character of someone who earns from the community and the community earns from him again.
Today in the afternoon, the Uganda Cancer Institute informed the public that the Machine is already procured and that it was purchased in 2013 only that they have been constructing the banker-a house that harbors the machine, which has taken more than two years due to lack of expertise in the country as they were forced to source foreign constructers. They however continued that any fundraising plan aimed at providing the second cancer machine will be welcomed and will be a good idea towards our country.
Below is the screenshot of Bobi Wine as he promises to introduce the idea of fundraising money for the Cancer machine
Bobi Wine cancer

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