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Bobi Wine finishes the Muna-Uganda video reshooting

Just days after the Muna-Uganda video project of Bobi Wine was stolen from the studio where it was taken it for editing, today Bobi Wine has said that he has re-shoot the video of his song Muna Uganda.
While revealing his invitation card to attend today’s presidential debate, the Ghetto President confirmed that they have done the re-shoot was successful and completed and therefore we should keep waiting for the video in the soonest time possible.
The video and song together are intended to be used by the Ghetto president in bring peace and love among supporters of different political camps after the elections so that there will be peace not war.
A few days ago, thieves made their way to the studio where the project of Muna Uganda video was being handled stealing everything including the video scripts of the song which forced him to do the shooting again.
Below are some of the photo shots from the scene.
Muna Uganda
Muna Uganda Bobi Wine
Muna Uganda song

Nasa Tushabe
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