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URA forces its influencer Kachaina to pull down a promotional advert with ‘process by process words

Western Uganda comedian Kachaina Valentine has apologized to his endorsers the Uganda Revenue Authority after the tax collecting body forced him to pull down a promotional content for using the wrong ‘choice of words’.

Kachaina one of the influencers that URA uses to pass a message to Ugandans with information about tax education.

Kachina today released an art work about tax education that included a set of words ‘Process by Process’ , recently used by former house maid of Peter Sematimba – Namatovu Joan, as she narrated how he dragged her to sleep with him.

“Ask me anything about URA – I will take you process by process” The artwork said.

URA found the words inappropriate and immediately apologized to anyone who would have been affected by such words and requested Kachaina also to take them down.

“We regret the choice of words used by our tax education comic influencer – Kachaina in his most recent works and we confirm that is not our work. We’ve asked him to pull down the creative works from his social media platforms. We apologise to everyone who has been offended.” URA said in a statement.

URA’s apology comes after one twitter user apologized about URA’s legitimization of sexual abuse by using a woman’s tale about her “coercion into sex by her older,” in their promotional messages

Kachaina, a student at Bishop Stuart University who is also a presenter on Vision Group’s TV West pulled down the post and went on to clarify that he didn’t intend to hurt anyone by using the word process by process.

He also apologized to the public and everyone hurt by the statement including his endorsers URA.

“I take this opportunity to apologise for my fans, my brand and on behalf of URA brand For using the word process by process which didn’t appear good to many people.. it wasn’t intended to abuse anybody” Said Kachaina in a statement.

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
A Ugandan Business and Financial News Journalist. Writer and a critic. Reports Entertainment News for Blizz Uganda website.


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