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UMEME advises Ugandans to avoid buying Yaka at Peak hours to avoid Token delays

If you have used UMEME’s prepaid service Yaka for at least one year, you must have at one time paid Yaka, got your money chopped and didn’t receive Yaka token immediately or even take forever to receive it. UMEME now has an advice for you – Don’t buy Yaka in peak hours.

Umeme gave its customers this advice yesterday advising them to spread the purchase of Yaka throughout the day and to avoid paying Yaka between 5:00PM -09:00 PM.

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Umeme receives a lot of traffic at this time with many people buying yaka in this time hours when they are going home after work. This increases load on UMEME servers making the company unable to generate tokens in time.

UMEME customers have been complaining time and again over failure by UMEME to deliver Yaka tokens in time while others complain that their money was chopped yet they have never received the token.

Yaka Token delays normally happen in the beginning of the month when more people are paying bills. Delays are also experienced at peak hours between 5PM 9:30PM in regular days.

Yaka can be paid using Commercial banks in Uganda, Airtel Money, MTN Mobile Money, Eezey Money and PayWay.

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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