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New Roke Telkom Data Charges Inclusive of Excise Duty

New Roke Telkom Data Charges Inclusive of Excise Duty

Following the passing of 12% internet data tax in the 2021/2022 financial budget, Telecom Companies have started revising their current data packages and prices to fix in the new tax.

The 12% excise duty is meant to replace OTT which was put in place in 2018 but did not yield much since people continued avoiding it using Virtual Private Networks apps (VPN).

Roke Telkom has become the first telecoms company to implement the tax on their data packages and have already announced changes in data bundles.

New prices will have the old price with a 12% increment.

Roke Classic which have been at UGX 100,000 is now at 112000

Roke Unlimited that has been at UGX 250000 is now at 280000

Rock MEGA which has been at UGX 650000 is now at 728000

New data prices took effect on 1st July 2021 as the company announced.

“ROKE Telecom wishes to notify esteemed customers and partners that effective 1st July, 2021 there will be slight changes in the invoicing of the data services offered. The changes are in accordance with recent Government of Uganda directive for Internet Service Providers to levy a 12% excise duty and scrap of Over the Top Taxes” Roke Telkom said in a statement.

Roke Telkom is one of Uganda’s Internet Service Providers (ISPs). Other Internet Service Providers like MTN Uganda, Airtel Uganda and Africell are also expected to announce their new data prices.

“The Excise duty of 12% is to be levied on the net price of the services after which value added tax will apply.” A statement from Roke Telkom added.


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