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How to Buy Sharers from MTN Uganda at IPO Using Mobile Money

How to Buy Sharers from MTN Uganda at IPO Using Mobile Money

MTN Group floated 20% of its shares to the Uganda Stock Exchange. The shares offered to the public at Initial Public Offering – IPO are 4,477,808,848 representing the 20% of overall ordinary shares of the company.

Steps on how to  Buy Shares from MTN Uganda Using Mobile Money

To buy shares from MTN Uganda or any other company listed at Uganda Securities Exchange, you need to have Securities Central Depository – SCD Account. If you do not have one, read the article.

How to Open an SCD Account using MTN Mobile Money.

There are two ways to buy shares from MTN Uganda. From Licensed Stock Brokers or Using MTN Mobile Money and here we are going to give the details on how you can use MTN Mobile Money to buy shares.

Using MTN Mobile Money

1. Dial *165*65#

2. on the menu that appears, Select option 2 Apply for MTN Shares

3. On the menu that appears after sending, MTN advises you to read the IPO Prospectus and and Terms and Conditions which are well stipulated at mtn.co.ug/investors.
There are two options available. For Self and For Other.

4. Select ‘For Self’ if you used your MTN Number to open an SCD account.
i) You will then be prompted to select the Stock Broker you want to use (In case you opened different SCD Accounts with different brokers. Select the SCD number and the broker you would like to use.

5. Select ‘For other’ if you want either to buy for someone else or you opened your SCD account from either use portal or from Stock Brokers.
i) You will be asked to put in the SCD Account number and send
ii) The details of the investor will appear. And select you’re the broker.

6. In both cases, you will be You will now be asked to select the amount of shares to buy the minimum being 500 shares at 100,000 and the list contains 500 shares, 1000 shares, 2500 shares and 5000 shares and 25000 shares.

7. Make sure you have enough balance your Mobile Money for the selected amount of shares.

8. MTN Mobile Money will then initiate a transaction and prompt you to put your 5 digit Mobile Money PIN. Entering your PIN also means that you accept the terms of conditions to invest in MTN Uganda.

9. The Money will be deducted from your account at a free cost.

10. You will then receive a message acknowledging receipt of the money, your account details and the application ID.


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