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Billions spent in NRM celebrations as 44,000 cancer patients risk lives due to breakdown of cancer machine

Today was the celebrations of the NRM Party at Kololo as they were jubilation the victory they got from the February elections plus winning the court case that was petitioned by the former Vice President Amama Mbabazi. Just like in the days of Maria Antoinette, NRM prepared 112 cakes which were given to every district as part of the celebrations plus the master cake which had a bus on top of it.
The Celebrations were postponed by the party officials so that the elections period first ends so that they make a massive party that will include all elect NRM Members starting from the President to the LC3 Chairpersons. The event that happened at Kololo grounds was officiated by H.E Yoweri Kaguta Museveni and included all NRM elect candidates from different parts of the country, NRM officials plus tens of thousands of NRM Supporters.
People were transported to the area plus feeding them while others even got the allowance and other services that were offered at the time. The event is said to have costed billions of Ugandan Shillings. All this happens at such a tragic moment when the sole cancer Machine which has been installed at Mulago broke down yesterday and the government is said to be having no money at the moment to procure another machine in the shortest time putting the lives of over 44,000 Cancer patients at a risk.
Below are the photos from the NRM Party Celebrations
NRM Kololo 3
NRM Kololo 4
NRM Kololo 5
NRM Kololo
NRM Kololo 1
NRM Kololo 2

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