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Bebecool throws mega graduation party for Gagamel phamily members

Education has always been the first priority in everything that Moses Ssali aka Bebecool does and for the second time yesterday the Gagamel CEO threw another big graduation party for all Gagamel phamily graduates.
Just like every year Bebecool does not hesitate to put a smile onto his loyal fans faces. Gagamel phamily is Bebecool’s leading fan base and second family because he always spends precious time with them plus sharing words of wisdom through how he got to his success.
Yesterday Bebe spent the whole day at Kiwatule Recreation center with gagamel phamily members celebrating their victory for succeeding in books and at the same party they slaughtered the Bull that the group won during last month’s Hipipo Awards.
13 graduates were celebrated at the high table each having their own cake congratulating them. Food and drinks were also enjoyed to the maximum all on Bebecool’s expenditure and he promised to do the same for all other graduates of gagamel Phamily that are to complete their studies years from now.
The ceremony was wrapped up by lip singing performances by gagamel phamily members as bebecool also joined in later and threw in a few lines from his “Killin it” club banger.
Gagamel Megga Party 3
Gagamel Megga Party 2

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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