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Bebe Cool pours out his inner passion for fiancé Zuena on her birthday.

When one is a Rasta or a musician many might think that their hearts are hard and got no love but in this world everyone has got that one special person that makes their eyes and inner soul smile without even saying a word out.
Today is Zuena Kirema’s birthday and the celebrations begun last night wen Bebe Cool Moses Ssali took her out for celebrations together with her close friend Flirsh Flavia whos also the wife of the vocal singer Chizzo Lubega. It was fun and love pouring out for the two and Bebe Cool decided to thrill his love for fiance Zuena the more when he put his heart on the table for her.
The “Love You Everyday” singer couldn’t help it any longer so he took it to social media and wrote a beautiful poem for his wife celebrating her birthday. We Quote it below:
” U have been a special person in my life,I was created with a missing piece and until I met you,so I was completed.
Many see your beauty but I see your good heart,many see no sense in u but u make the complete meaning of life for my reason to exist. With the help of my mother,u have made me a better person and more so I admire my self with u than without u.
Thanks for loving me coz u described the true meaning of love and now I pray u live to blow 100 more candles.
Happy birthday my baby gal Zuena.”
Bebe Cool and Zuena
Zuena and Bebe Cool
Zuena and Bebe
Bebe and Zuena
Bebe Cool and Zuena

Nasa Tushabe
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