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Bebe Cool Announces Date for His Concert ”LIFE OF BEBE COOL”

Bebe Cool announces 5th August as his date for the annual concert
Ugandan reggae musician Bebe Cool has already announced the date of his yearly concert to be 05th August 2016. As the English legend goes “The Early the Better” Bebe Cool has announced the date of his concert when there is still almost half a year remaining to the concert.
The concert will be at Serena Hotel Kampala the very same place where he held his previous concert “Friends of Bebe Cool” and this concert will be named “The Life of Bebe Cool” as the name and theme of the event. Entrance will be on UGX 100,000 individual and the table will be at UGX 5,000,000.
Bebe Cool prior to announcing the concert date he thanked and congratulated Ugandans from the political campaigns before reminded them to put the politics aside and resume the normal work as life continues. He also promised his fans that he is now going to embark on his music and called his fans to support him in his coming concert slated for 05th August 2016.
Supporters were scene promising to attend as they say they are going to start booking as early as possible to show him support and confidence. The concert is expected to attract the rich corporate class as it was a case in the last year’s event which attracted Uganda’s richest men including Sudhir, Kirumira, Ham, Patrick Bitature and various CEOs of biggest companies. We wish Bebe Cool a wonderful concert.
 This is what he posted on his Facebook page
As we settle in from the political times that have shaken alot of unprepared minds,I would like to caution my fellow Ugandans about putting aside our political differences and work together toward reconciliation and continued steady progress of our personal lives and our nation.
It’s good that we all noticed issues that need to be addressed but none of those issues can be corrected without the effort of all Ugandans regardless of your political affiliation.
Alot has been achieved and alot still needs to be achieved but we as Ugandans should first appreciate where we r today because at least we r not where we were yesterday although we r not yet where we want to be.
I will continue to be a responsible citizen of constructive contribution towards my country as I have been but for now time to go back to my MUSIC.
I wish to declare the 5TH OF AUGUST 2016 as my concert date dubbed THE LIFE OF BEBECOOL ‪#‎kampalaserenahotel‬.
5M a table
100k general.
Book your table early coz trust me u don’t want to miss this and pliz if u can’t afford it,don’t criticise it,I will see what I can do for u.


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