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Bazil Mwotta wins the Makerere Guild race

After two weeks of serious campaigns and struggles, DP diehard and Guild race aspirant Bazil Mwotta has finally won the Makerere Guild Race that took place yesterday 11th march 2016 at the same campus.
Mwotta led with a total of 4594 votes representing 36.3% closely followed by DP’s Ssemboga Roy with 4276 votes representing 33.6% respectively.
Students from all corners of the university thronged the student’s guild offices as vote counting was being done and caused chaos that attracted police officers to use force to calm the situation.
According to the Electoral commission chairman Makerere, Mr. Ndaula Roy, the race that attracted 13 candidates ended in favor of Bazil Mwotta beating tight competition from other candidates and his closest rival Roy Ssemboga.
Other candidates in the race included Nsubuga Umar  who garnered 463 votes representing (3.63%), Anomugisha Dick (FDC) -380 (2.89%), Mandela Nkunda (NRM) -495 (3.88%), Nviiri Sospeter -62 (0.49%), Ssekidde Nicholas -45 (0.35%),Ssenyonga Simon -1142 (8.96%), Shafik Kalyango -124 (0.97%), Kasozi Ismael -456 (4.58%), Dennis kiyingi -77 (0.60%), Luyinda Fred (Go Forward) -275 (2.16%) Brian Nassala -451 (3.54
However during the exercise, chaos erupted when one candidate Roy Ssemboga and his supporters accessed the electoral commission offices during vote counting and tallying something that annoyed supporters of Bazil Mwotta to turn unruly.
Police was immediately called that used sticks, fired teargas and rubber bullets to disperse the heated students leaving some with visible injuries.
Meanwhile, as Bazil Mwotta Celebrates his triumphed victory of winning the Guild race, Poor Health facilities, Insecurity, poor meals and missing marks among other reasons remain the most burning issues that his governance has to deal with.
Mwotta Bazil
According to information obtained, Roy’s supporters allege that only 50 Ballot boxes where allocated to the college of Education each carrying 200 ballots yet Bazil managed to poll 1769, Roy polling only 63 votes.
Makerere University Education Students Association (MUESA) disputed the allegations saying the college comprises of over 5000 students similarly Roy garnered 1114 votes to Mwotta’s 90 From the College of Health Sciences.
Unlike the previous races, this year’s did not attract a female candidate.

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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