HomeNewsBadman Solo blatantly Trashed rumours that Douglas criticized music from Northern Uganda

Badman Solo blatantly Trashed rumours that Douglas criticized music from Northern Uganda

On loging in to his face book page, Solomon alias Badman Abad who is well known for toiling hard in promoting music from the North got concerned after he got lots of posts on his timeline from many people claiming that NTV De Beat’s show host Douglas Lwanga criticized music from the land.
To be open, the fellow only gave an advice to the artists to improve on the quality of their audio and videos so as they reach the standards of being played on TV as he has much interest in promoting their music too just like he does for the artists in the central and western parts.
Artists from the north should style up, Abad said especially those who claim to be established I mean the so called big musicians, he said, only fools take an advice for an insult. He expressed his sincere gratitude to Douglas Lwanga for atleast talking about music from the North. He arged northern artists and fans to embrace the fact that their music is played and talked about on National Television.
He posted:
Just saw on Facebook that my bro Douglas UG talked about Music in Northern Uganda. Many People are talking nonsense out of ignorance. Only Fools Take an Advice for an Insult. As for me, I would like to first appreciate the fact that He highlighted the problems we r facing as far as our Audios/Videos are concerned. U have to be thankful that U had an opportunity to b talked about on National TV. There are other regions where no one talks about their Music. My major problem is on our established artists (self proclaimed big/Old artists) who have failed to be role models to the upcoming artists by continuing to produce music from fake studios yet they have enough money to go to good studios n produce Quality music. Also some of Our home producers who don’t allow to learn n work with others yet they are very fake n others stil Use outdated softwares only Producing Kingang Music. Then some of our artists who pretend to kno more about Music yet they kno less, Also the Untalented artists who want to Use a lot of money to push thier music making people in the central think Northern Uganda doesn’t have Talent yet we hav alot of Undiscovered Talent here on ground.
My appreciation goes to some of the new generation artists who have tried to work on some good quality Videos despite the hardship in getting funds. Lastly, I would like to thank all the Media houses n personalities who have managed to play n promote Northern n Uganda music at large especially ?#?Lwangadouglas? on ?#?NTVtheBEAT?. My Advice to the artists is that produce good quality Music, Work Hard, be disciplined, have respect and see if the fans won’t support U. I rest my case.”

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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