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Bad Black to resume her relationship with Meddie Ssentongo

Once lovers will remain lovers! The who used to be the best Uganda’s love birds Meddie Ssentongo and Bad Black aka Shanitah Namuyimba are set to re-unite after 4 years of separation due to jail, where Bad Black was serving her punishment.

Bad Black who has just been released from prison 2 days ago is ready to get back her love, Meddie Ssentongo and they continue to enjoy the wonderful relationship for the rest of their life. Meddie Ssentongo on the other hand after his relationship with Fabiola successfully failed will be left with no option but to go back to his old love, Bad Black as they forge the way forward.

Meddie Ssentongo was one of the people Bad Black called as soon as she had left the hell in jail and all this she was doing it in the name of bringing back love which was eroded away by the judiciary when they sentenced her 4 years in jail on charges of Fraud. Much as Bad Black publicly denied in a press conference Meddie Ssentongo being preparing a party for her, and she even denied having connections with her, and even claimed she no longer remembers him. But news confirm that she is yet to publicly announce the love again.

Meddie Sentongoo

Meddie Ssentongo the former Lover Boy of Bad Black

Bad Black as soon as she had left the jail she said she is now saved and want to live a settled life, she wants to be a musician and she had even requested Chameleone and Juliana to help do collabos with her when she was still in jail. She also wants to settle in a relationship and the man she is settling with is likely to be none other than the Team Money and Gold money member Meddie Ssentongo.

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