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Aziz Azion skeptical about Uganda’s media industry towards local music

Musician Aziz Azion is still skeptical about the operations and credibility of Uganda’s media towards the entertainment industry as Practitioners seem to lack patriotism rather turn so critical on the local music content for their own personal motives which is disappointing according to the singer.
Aziz Mukisa aka Aziz Azion has raised his dissatisfaction to the broadcasting houses a case in point being Spark TV for who went on to accuse the ‘Gufumita’ singer for lacking creativity going on to copy and paste foreign hit sings and impersonate to be his own piece of work.
This follows allegations on Spark Tv’s celebrity gossip program Live Wire that clearly stated that Nigerian music star Tekno was in advanced stages of suing Aziz Azinonya for copying his ‘Diana’ music hit and went on to produce a remake similar to his dubbed as ‘care’.
The ‘Wakikuba’ singer has however referred to this as baseless accusations without any evidence barking them up.
The singer protested his disappointment to Television presenters mention AnnaTalia Ozzy and Zahara Totto who casted the rumors that he is a wanted man in courts of law on charges of invading the copy right law when he decided to use the Nigerian’s hit song ‘Diana’ to come up with the ‘Care’ music audio.
“I just got disappointed in our own tv presenters @Livewire Sparktv….i want that only evidence nga #tekno ayogela about copying his #Diana song to my #Care song,” stated the disappointed talented guitarist.
Aziz Azion has maintained his stand that it should be his fans to cri0ticise and judge his music not ruthless haters thus calling upon all nationals to love our own Ugandan music rather than dissing it for their own agendas.
“its always been ma fans for my music and still ma fans will judge
#disappointed #whyhatingourown
#loveugandanmusic,” said Azion.

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
A Ugandan Business and Financial News Journalist. Writer and a critic. Reports Entertainment News for Blizz Uganda website.


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