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How do you ask a winner to apologize after winning-Bebe Cool asks FDC

Bebe Cool won’t keep quiet when he has what to say. Just a day after he had calculated and showed the public how he won’t be affected by the boycott, he is back again, this time questioning the ability of the opposition to stand their words, Forum for Democratic Change.
Bebe Cool said all this while at Kololo grounds while celebrating the women’s day where he was together with Jose Chameleone discussing about the FDC Press Conference in which they called FDC fans to boycott the Tubonga nawe artists to the extent that if one is in a taxi and they play a song of Chameleone, he should just leave the taxi immediately. Bebe Cool says that “The doctor (Chameleone) enlightened me more about the weakness of the so called leading opposition party Fdc of Uganda.”Adding that FDC does not know the meaning of the word Multi Party Politics.
Bebe Cool asked if the FDC who have failed to deal with the 12 Tubonga Nawe artists can handle the 41 Million People living in Uganda when given a chance; would they torture the remaining percentage which did not vote for them. “FDC failed to deal with 12 tubonga nawe musicians,to the extent that they r now resorting to discrimination, promoting of hatred and sidelining the youth who have worked hard and smart to be where they are, How can they be trusted with a whole country of estimated 41.8 million people of different tribes, religious beliefs, choices and political parties ?
Let’s say FDC won with 80%, where they going to imprison, sideline, discriminate and torture those who didn’t support them?”

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Bebe Cool and Chameleone Kololo
Bebe Cool continued saying that the FDC people do not know the meaning of the words Forum and Democratic, all they focus about is Change. He took part in explaining the words as “The word FORUM in connection to our topic means the medium where ideas and views on a particular issue(Uganda’s politics/future) can be exchanged…….So if your ideas and views r to discriminate,sideline,bring back sectarianism in Uganda,then that does not aline with the second word DEMOCRACY which in connection to our topic means allowing the people in that medium to express their side or views.”
He concluded saying that; after seeing yesterday’s FDC press conference, he is happy; he made the right choice, choosing to support the NRM and President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni. And he left a big question to Ugandans where he said “The one million question I ask, HOW DO U ASK A WINNER TO APOLOGISE FOR WINNING? Does that make sense?”
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