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How did Apass get Konshens to feature on his Gamululu Rmx?

Well do you remember last year’s battle between Konshens and Busy Signal? Yes that’s was the first time Alex Bagonza aka Apass got to meet the Jamaican sensation Konshens.
Apass was one of the curtain raisers of the concert and he reveals that even though he was so sick he was forced to step onto that stage and pull off a massive performance since a chance only Knocks once.
Even though Apass says that he wasn’t able to deliver 100% of himself on stage, still he was able to impress Konshens who met him back stage and appreciated him. It was at this time that the two dance-hall kings took a photo and captioned it on social media.
Apass continues to reveal that Konshens asked him about what “Gamululu” is all about and surprisingly a few months later he sent him a demo of his “Konshens” voice and verse of the song and definitely they had to pull it off.
The song is to be released soon even though Apass does not tell the date but we are sure its going to be a hit off his NVA KAMPALA album.

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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