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Anne Kansiime reveals how she lost her Virginity.

Uganda’s number one female comedian Anne Kansiime from Kabale who’s also more than ready to thrill her fans in a one man comedy show this Thursday has revealed how and where she lost her virginity from.
Having been a hilarious tomboy and scared of boys since way back in high school, Uganda’s comedy Flag bearer Anne took long to get a boyfriend which drover her all the way to campus. During a radio interview Kansiime revealed that she lost her virginity from the university during her second her to the first love of her life and she regretted later on cause she could not over stand the pain she went through.
She further said that she left the boyfriend and stayed single because of too much fear of passing though the same pain till when she finished campus and got her self a new man who also doubles as the man of her life and current husband.
Not so many celebrities come out to tell the world about their sex secrets but at least Anne Kansiime has been brave enough to share with the rest of her fans.

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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