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Anne Kansiime Comedian starts a foundation

The African comedy queen has showed the Philanthropic heart she owns. With deep love for children she starts a foundation which she is going to launch on 24th March 2016.
Anne Kansiime broke the news on her facebook page which has a following of over 1.3 Million fans across Africa. She thanked her fans for supporting her all this long and thanked God for providing her with the little she has. Now it’s her time to use the little she has to help the community.
With her foundation named The Kansiime Foundation (TKF) she will be helping the children who can’t afford the school needs with school fees and other scholastic materials especially those located in Uganda. She says that her she will start with 30 children from Western Uganda her home area and then will continue picking throughout the whole country if God gives her more to help “Charity begins at home” she says “Starting this year 2016 The Kansiime foundation will be taking on 30 children from 7 different schools in Western Uganda (starting from my home), then take on more from all over the country as God leads me and as he provides”
Anne Kansiime has already started picking those needy children from the schools as she chooses them basing on the proof that they can’t really afford school fees and they need help “ofcourse we have to screen the children to know the ones that genuinely need help and want to study” said Anne Kansiime while replying a comment.
The Foundation will be launched on the #iamkansiime show, which will be on 24th March this year. On Royal Imperial Hotel Kampala. We wish Anne Kansiime the best and may God bless her.
I am Anne Kansiime

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