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Ankole Kingdom royalists demand to meet the President before Elections

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The Ankole/Nkore Kingdom royalists through their group Nkore Cultural Trust (NCT) yesterday 25th Jan 2016 held a meeting at the NCT office located at Mugaba House, Kakumuki which was aimed at addressing the issues that have been making rounds in the media and misleading the public about the structures of the Nkore Kingdom.
While addressing the media after the meeting the Chairman of the Nkore Cultural Trust Enganzi William Katatumba made it clear that the Nkore Cultural Trust is the official custodian of all Nkore Kingdom property and will keep protecting that property till the Kingdom is restored.
He reacted about the presidential remarks which the president made when he was in Mbarara and Kabwohe days back when he said that he (Government) had paid Prince Barigye (R.I.P) purchasing the land that belonged to him where the President confirmed to the squatters that the land will now be given to them officially and they will be given land titles. Enganzi said that they do not have any problem with that because Prince Barigye sold his private land not the kingdom land and said that the Kingdom land had nothing to do with Prince Barigye since he was not yet officiated as a King to run the Kingdom property. He however continued that those squatting on the Kingdom’s land, much as it is still a kingdom property, they will not be chased by the Kingdom since the kingdom will be belonging to the people and therefore the kingdom will be there to defend them not chasing them.
Engabo zankore
Above: Some Engabo Zankore Youths with Mzee Humphrey Kategaya, 94, in the background is the Mugaba house which was the Kings Palace as it lies in ruins.
He also made a light about the UGX 5 Billion which was a directive from the president to Ministry of finance meant to rehabilitate the ruined Mugaba House the used to be the palace of Omugabe and he said he is happy with the developments as this will promote tourism in the region. He continued that Nkore has more heritage sites which when improved can promote tourism. Besides Mugaba house Katatumba mentioned other heritage sites which include the Royal Burial Grounds “Egashani” located in Kokonjeru Mbarara and the Coronation site but he said all this should be done in agreement with the Nkore Cultural Trust and organisation whose patron is His Highness Prince Charles Aryaija Rwebishengye should be tasked to supervise the project since they are the current custodians of the Kingdom property.
He continued and tackled the issue of Princes who are calling themselves Kings of Ankole Kingdom and demanding anointing, the most recent being Prince Asiimwe Umar from Kasese. He said the Kingdom royalists are not aware of him and the only Prince entitled to the throne is Prince Charles Aryaija Rwebishengye the son of the Late John Barigye.
Mr. Charles Ndahagire who is the Treasurer of the NCT said that there is a plan to meet the president before the election time and want their issue addressed. Mzee Hamphrey Kategaya 94yrs old who is still the Secretary of Nkore Cultural Trust explain the role of the kingdom and said that he will remain strong and brave to fight till the Kingdom is restored which he says it’s not far from now.
Charles Ndahagire
Charles Ndagagire explaining to the meeting the need to meet the president
Stephen Kamuhanda a living witness who studied under the bursary scheme of Obugabe explained the need of putting back the constitutional monarchy adding that like it did in the past, the kingdom will still boost the Education system. He added that the Kingdom has a right to be erected since the constitution allows every kingdom to be established provided there are people demanding the kingdom back.
Bright Muhumuza the aspiring MP Mbarara Municipality advised politicians not to kill the culture because of their selfish political reasons and told them not to mix politics with Culture. Bright Muhumuza is standing an independent candidate belonging to Go Forward the unregistered political group of Amama Mbabazi.
Egashani the royal Burial Site of Abagabe ba Nkore at Nkokonjeru lies in Bushes
One Journalist asked quoting President Museveni’s words when he was addressing media in Kiruhura where he said that he has never received any petition from those demanding for Obugabe. And Charles Ndahagire Challenged the President’s words with reference to letters which were written to him requesting to restore the Kingdom but he never responded any of them. One of the letters was written on 8th Feb 2002 signed by Late Kahigiriza who was by then the Chairperson Nkore Cultural Trust.
Another Journalist made an inquiry about the President’s remarks saying that Nkore leaders failed to request for the Kingdom through Local Councils asking if the procedure is through Local Councils or directly from the public. NCT confirmed that this should be done by the public not Local Councils adding that no kingdom has ever been asked Local Council resolutions before its restored.
Chairperson of the Nkore Cultural Trust made it clear that they even once tried that and the decision was taken to the Local Councils. Districts had no problem with the Kingdom and had started endorsing the Kingdom. The first one being Isingiro District but the Central Government requested all district councils representing Ankole region to withdraw the debate on the restoration of Ankole Kingdom.
The Nkore Cultural Trust concluded writing a letter to the President requesting to meet him before elections and would like to see him address their issue in time. It’s not yet a guaranteed that the president will meet them at this time, but they are well convinced that as their president, he will spare sometime and listen to their demands.
Nkore Cultural Trusts together with the Youth Group Engabo Zankore has a big membership of over 1000 members who do the mobilization to make sure that very many people join the cause to make sure kingdom is restored. We will keep you updated about the way forward towards the restoration of the Kingdom which has been active for more than 600 Years.

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