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Danger: Video, Angry fans burn Bebe Cool concert posters

Opposition supporters are continuing to exert pressure on the Tubonga Nawe artists so as to bring them to their knees and apologize to the public. After the boycott plan seemed too far to work out, the opposition supporters are now looking for other ways to show frustration over what Bebe Cool and his group of artists did in the concluded.
A group of opposition fans were seen burning the posters of Bebe Cool concert in places around Kampala saying that he owes them an apology. One of the guys in the video below is heard saying that he has been a fan of Bebe Cool and has been a staunch supporter but was angered by what Bebe Cool did to support President Museveni in the recently concluded elections. He was saying this while burning one of the yellow colored posters of the Bebe Cool’s event.
Bebe Cool will hold a concert Life of Bebe Cool (LOB5816) in Serena Hotel Kampala on 5th August 2016. The entrance will be 100K Individual and 5M for the corporate table. The fans thought it would be too far to wait and boycott the concert and have already started showing their concern.
Below is the video of a fan burning Bebe Cool’s poster.

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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