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Andrew Mwenda Visits Kizza Besigye at his home in Kasangati

Moments ago, journalist Andrew Mwenda of the Independent Magazine visited Dr Kizza Besigye at his home in Kasangati following his post-election commentary on social media where he received negative criticism from numerous FDC supporters
On Twitter, Andrew Mwenda said: “Today Dr. Besigye & I had a discussion on the future of Uganda. We didn’t agree on many things but we agree on need for meaningful dialogue
Here is Andrew Mwenda’s Full Statement;

Today I visited Dr. Besigye at his home in Kasangati. I did this after reading his Facebook post where he said he felt like becoming a real terrorist. Seeing his dilemma, I understand this sentiment even though I do not agree with it. We held very fruitful discussions on the present and future of Uganda. Even though we disagree on how to promote democratic reform, I have no doubt that he is genuinely convinced that he is working for the good of our country.
But as an old man I told Dr. Besigye that truth is never objective but subjective; it is plural and not singular. We will never resolve the truth of who won the last presidential election but we can begin a dialogue on how to build a better future for our country. I hope all sides to the Uganda political debate see the need to work together rather than to work against each other. Hate will not bring us deliverance but destruction.
If both sides cannot accommodate each other through compromise, there will be no winners. And Uganda will lose. Besigye represents a large disgruntled voter segment. We cannot afford to dismiss their disenchantment. Museveni represents an even larger voter segment. We cannot ignore their views. The challenge is how to create a common ground.


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