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Andrew Mwenda justifies the Kasese Shooting

Just a day after a total of 6 people were shot dead by security operatives during the Kasese riots where the civilians attacked the Police, amidst the blames from various bodies and individuals, Andrew Mwenda has come up to defend the Ugandan police on what they did and said that it is acceptable- as self-defense.
The CEO of the Independent Magazine Andrew Mwenda said this while on speaking to Ugandas via his social media platform where he said that “If a civilian violently assaults a police officer on duty and gets killed, the officer is exonerated on grounds of self-defense”
Andrew Mwenda continued that only what police needs to tell the public is that any “violent assaults on its officers will be met with deadly force-and I mean deadly force.” It him it doesn’t make sense whether it is President Museveni, Kizza Besigye or anyone else but the duty of the police officers is “to protect their lives” before protecting the lives of citizens.
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Andrew Mwenda affirms that: there is no way Uganda will send its police “into harm ways for the good of everyone and ask them to get killed by violent mobs” therefore the Police will always be fighting to get out of danger.
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Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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