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American FC Minneapolis to sign more Ugandan players

Ugandan football is facing some light after the USA Based football team FC Minneapolis considered signing more players from Uganda to the America Premier League team. The team first signed the Ugandan star Sendi Ian, 25 in 2014 and on his advice after assuring the Minneapolis FC that Ugandans can become stars in the American Premier League, Minneapolis has decided to do more recruitment.
FC Minneapolis said that they never put Sendi Ian’s advice into consideration not until a week ago when they decided to put more considered signing more players after reviewing their CVs and viewing their videos as they noticed a huge talent hidden in them.
The club promised to consult their legal team and consider doing on their move to America. So far eight players are being considered for the move. These include Opolot Hillary, Matovu Victor, Kirabira Shakib, Kato Bunjo, Waswa Alex, Abdelhafid Zeri, Lukyamuzi Masudi, and Byaruhanga Kenneth. This is expected to open a huge market for Ugandan footballers in the American teams since this will open eyes of the football scouts of the American teams to start spotting talents in Uganda. Most of the Ugandan players have been having a lot of market in South African, Ethiopia, Vietnam and D.R. Congo clubs. Very few of them had a chance to be in American teams.
Below is the official statement from FC Minneapolis.
When FC Minneapolis joined the American Premier League, Sendi Ian suggested that the club should consider signing some more players from Uganda because he believed in the stars they could become if only given the opportunity.
At that time the club was not fully prepared to move forward with his proposal until last week when FC Minneapolis finalized reviewing the players’ CVs and Videos and consequently deciding to move forward with the process of having more Ugandan players in the Minneapolis family.
“Many boys in Uganda wake up every morning and train so hard. They believe in the game and the dream that one day someone will like, sign and help them become the players they deserve to be. Unfortunately for many that dream never comes true.” Sendi Ian said when asked about his motivation for doing this.
“I believe God brought me to USA for a reason and that reason is to be the hope for those players and their dreams. I won’t fail them.” He added.
FC Minneapolis in the next few weeks will be consulting with their legal team to see the best avenues available to them to do this.
The club has also stated that they will be reaching out to the Federation of Uganda Football Association and the various clubs involved, to further formulate a more formal relationship with Uganda as a Nation.
In his brief Statement, Varney Cole, the Minneapolis Head Coach spoke of his delight in the program. He mentioned that the club is very interested in Sendi’s proposal of forging an exchange program between Uganda and USA where players come on short term deals, play professionally while sharing their unique cultures with our communities.
The selected players to participate in this program include, Opolot Hillary, Matovu Victor, Kirabira Shakib, Kato Bunjo, Waswa Alex, Abdelhafid Zeri, Lukyamuzi Masudi, and Byaruhanga Kenneth.
We are still reviewing more files and hopefully we will have more details by the end of the month.

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
A Ugandan Business and Financial News Journalist. Writer and a critic. Reports Entertainment News for Blizz Uganda website.

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