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Allan Hendrick releases Dancehall tune ALL GALZ WYNE

The Bundu Bundu master Allan Hendrick Ssali mostly known as Bebecool’s eldest son seems to be on a steady rising to his victory as the next Big dancehall maestro.
Having outed already two big videos for his singles dubbed BUNDU and AKAGAMBO, Allan has yet released another fresh one titled ALL GALZ WYNE a dancehall tune written by writer Brial and produced by non other than “Beats by Kayz”.
Allan revealed during a one to one interview that since he still has a fresh video “akagambo” doing rounds on charts, he will be shooting All Galz Wyne video during late May and our scoops will be the first to get the sneak pick of it.
Allan Hendrick releases Dancehall tune ALL GALZ WYNE
As its said, there’s no support better than that of our parents and bebecool has confirmed this fact by allowing his son to follow through his magical footsteps by sharing the same stage and letting him earn through his own sweat by practising his most inner passion of singing. You better pimp up your self with this dancehall vibe cause it will definitely get you grab your dancehall shoes out of the closet.
Good luck Allan coz nothing can ever beat hardwork.

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
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