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Abstain from Sex, Live Longer – Museveni to Youths


President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni has advised Ugandan Youths to do away with sex in order to reduce the spread of HIV/AIDS.
In his message just a day after the World AIDS day, Museveni said that it helps nothing getting a few minutes of pleasure only to suffer for the rest of your life struggling with the incurable disease.
“To the Bazukulu,” started Museveni “there is nothing wrong with you not having sex. It is bad mathematics to look for pleasure in 15 minutes and live in misery for 70 years”
He went ahead and advised Ugandans not to discriminate people who are HIV positive and to treat them as the rest of members in the community since discrimination doesn’t help in solving the problem of HIV.
“To all Ugandans, avoid stigma and discrimination against people living with HIV. It only escalates the problem.”
Uganda remains one of the countries with the highest HIV prevalence rate in Africa, though the president had promised to put an end to the disease by 2030.

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