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8 Reasons why you are still single when others are getting married every weekend!!!

This is for my single ladies out there. You may be asking yourself as to why all the time it’s you single, time and again, you ask yourself why ladies who are not beautiful as you are, are getting married when for you are still stack and age is passing by you. Well before you worry too much don’t panic, there are simple things which are probably stopping you from getting that someone special. Another consolation is that it’s not only you but there are many other girls who are even prettier than you outta there, also doing like what you do and single like you. But my dear it’s high time you get that someone special, before it’s too late.
Here are the simple reasons why you are still single
1. Spending too much/extravagance. You are that kind of a lady who enters a shopping mall with your hubby and you shop goodies worth UGX 200,000 when your hubby’s salary is UGX 300,000, my dear he will just see that you are not developmental and cannot take you at home to be his lifetime partner.
2. Being a parasite. Men like ladies who are independent in some kind. However much he may provide with additional money, but he doesn’t want you to entirely depend on him. Remember that most of single guys are still earning low salaries they have few investments or none and they can hardly sustain their life plus yours. Taking you home to him it’s like a Liability. My advice is that find that little job, however little it maybe, earn that little salary but in some way or the other be independent. That’s what guys need, or else you will fall a prey of sugar daddies.
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3. Behaving as if you are not ready. Some ladies at the time they should be getting married still act as if they don’t care. They don’t mind about their body make ups, the way they speak in public, eating things on the way, talking whatever comes to their minds, my dear no man wants such ‘unstyled’ up lady. Much as you shouldn’t be indecent which is our next point, but at least care about yourself. Dress in your best, use the best lotion and the best man will locate you.
4. Indecent dressing. Men like sleeping and getting attracted to indecently dressed ladies, they like sleeping with them and having fun all around but WILL NEVER marry them. After enjoying life with those ladies whose hung-lines are full of mini-skirts, kundi shows and leggings, they will go and look for someone decent to marry. Never expect a guy to introduce you to his parents when you are indecent try to be “gentle” show that “lady” in you, you will meet that guy to wed you.
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5. Hair styles. A hair style is the 2nd thing a man looks at after meeting a lady. Mind more about your hair style more than any other form of make up. You may be copying some weird hair styles from celebrities like musicians, actors and other socialites. With that Amber Rose or Nicki Minaji hair style won’t work. Men like hair respect that give you respect and will earn you respect. Better try natural long hair style, weaves, pencil and other hair styles that give respect. Even the Bible says hair gives glory to women, women give glory to their husbands. So get that hair style that will give glory to your husband.
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6. Waiting for the perfect one. Well this sounds a bit rude, but stop waiting for that “Mr. Right” While in secondary schools and colleges, You used to have those discussions with your fellow girls about the characteristics of your future husband, have you realized that there is probably no man in real life with such characteristics? If no, then that’s why you are still single. You need to realize that the man you are expecting doesn’t exist, twist in the traits, I am not saying that you go with every man that comes on your way but all am telling you is that don’t go old waiting for that man with Angelic characters. Fair men do exist, go with those and change them to Mr. Right.
7. Promiscuity. You are single having tens of lovers, not even sure whom you will keep with my dear, that’s not being a wife material, all of them will realize your cheating characters, the best they will do for you is playing around with you but don’t expect a ring in return. Give yourself respect and respect to your guy, be royal to that single guy, he will reward you with a ring.
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8. Easy come girls. You are that kind of girl who easily agrees with a guy who says “I love you”, guys term such girls as sex objects. I am assuring you no guy will take you serious. Let there be some resistance in you. Don’t look so hungry for love, give a man some hard time, a man will never take you for granted something he toiled to get. But what comes easily will go easily (Easy come easy go).
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With all these hope you have identified the reasons as to why you are still single, work upon these mistakes that you are doing, I will be happy very soon when you invite me on your wedding.

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
A Ugandan Business and Financial News Journalist. Writer and a critic. Reports Entertainment News for Blizz Uganda website.

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