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5 Kissing Types every lady wishes to have once in a lifetime

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Ladies love Kissing, even men do. But have you ever known that Ladies prefer certain Kissing styles over the others? It’s not just bringing your lips to hers but there are certain kissing secrets that every lady dreams day and night to have much as various men are so hesitant to provide them with such, hitherto now she has never got one. Here I am going to discuss five kissing types every lady dreams of.
1. Kiss in the rain. It’s raining, and instead of shielding her from the rain, you lift her head, look at her face and kiss her passionately, then as you kiss her, try to dry her hair with your hand while the other hand is holding her in the waist as you try to lift her. Every lady dreams of that and this will make her feel heavens in your hands.
2. Pressing her against the wall. The ladies like s3x with force and so do to kissing. Get her lifted in the air, press her against the wall with great force, kiss her passionately, keep pressing her against the wall as you spread her legs apart and enter in your pelvis part in hers (with clothes on) then continue kissing her. This will be the memorable moment for her.
3. Kiss her amidst the quarrel. She is quarreling over things that have gone wrong, then she is getting mad at you, come and get hold of hands, she will try to attack you back or try to flee knowing that you are going to attack her, this is time to challenge, hold her close and kiss her, her force will be neutralized by the Kiss to zero balance, then their you can kiss her for more than 10 minutes before laying her to bed. She will spend more 5 years without quarreling after such a kiss.
4. Kiss her from the back. Approach her from the back when she lest expects you. Then kiss her neck, then her check before she turns around to see you clearly. All women love surprise kisses but do it with care before you get surprised first. This can be better done when you find her deep thinking and kiss her from the behind as you hold her in the waist. Your Kiss will make her feel happy and your arms around her will make her comfortable in your arms.
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5. Kiss her in Public/ in front of your friends. The public does not necessarily mean a meeting or in the church, but where some other people can see you. Let it be an outing in an expensive restaurant on a busy day. Tell her to stand up before she knows what you are about to do then kiss her in front of people. It makes a sense when there are your friends around or even relatives. She will feel secure in your future.

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