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4 Reasons why tomorrow’s FDC Procession will fail

FDC announced a procession tomorrow on May 5, 2016 as a special day for FDC where they will travel from Najjanankumbi to Nakivubo. They called all FDC Supporters to join them and called people in all parts of the country to mark that day on their calendar and do the procession. The procession will be part of FreeMyVote campaign as they demand for an independent election audit. This is not the first public demonstration planned by FDC and there are factors beyond doubt that the procession will fail and will not even happen as expected, lest the best it can do is shedding blood of some “innocent” people who will try to join the procession. Below are the reasons why the procession will fail.
1. Poor determination. In the photo above people were demonstrating. Police is trying to scare them, with bullets, teargas etc but the people knew what they wanted and were not threatened, and in Uganda those people with such determination are not there, just a single crime preventer can make 200 rioting Ugandans run from the field.
2. Last week Justice Kavuma declared all Defiance activities unlawful and illegal this means that the police have all the justification they need to arrest, detain and even try in the courts of law those who will try to involve themselves in the procession. Look at what was done yesterday on the FDC Tuesday Prayers.
3. Arrest of leaders. Erias Lukwago, Pastor Ngabo, Stella Nyanzi and some other FDC officials are under arrest, they are currently being taken to court to be brought before Makindye Court Magistrate. Whether released or detained again, tomorrow morning, they will be arrested as soon as they leave their homes before they even make it to Najjanankumbi. This means that the police will strike the Shepherds and the flock will have no control.
4. Kizza Besigye. Kale Kayihura has said that Kizza Besigye will be put under house arrest till a date that is yet to be announced. This means that chief architect of the whole defiance campaign is already under house arrest, and then will the builders continue to complete the whole thing? Arresting Kizza Besigye will help the Uganda police to shield themselves from problems that may arise later. A lot of FDC supporters get courage and determination when they look at the man they love most, Dr. Kizza Besigye whom they even call “People’s president” the other FDC leader who can boost their Morale is Omuloodi Erias Lukwago and then Ingrid Turinawe, these will also be put under house arrest. Wait…………see………….

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
A Ugandan Business and Financial News Journalist. Writer and a critic. Reports Entertainment News for Blizz Uganda website.

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