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10 ways to know that she is missing you.

When you are not at home, she is missing you, when she is away she is missing, some girls try to be brave to show that they are not really missing you, but the truth is that they wish you could be by their side day and night. There are some things she must do to, whether intentionally or accidentally which can tell you that she is missing you and below, they are.
1. She will be calling you time after time, when she has little or nothing actually to tell you. When the girl is missing you, she will call you time after time, when actually she has nothing to tell you. She will repeat the same words and this may sometimes make you fell annoyed but forgive her, she is just missing you.
2. Checking on your Facebook timeline and reading all your past posts and viewing your past uploaded photos. You will realize this by seeing her like a post which you posted 6 months ago. Sometimes she may even comment on the photo which you uploaded in 2013. When all this happens, wherever you are, after seeing the notification, just know, she is missing you.
3. Calling your friends and relatives. She will start making phone calls to your friends, talk to them, she will call your brothers and talk to them. If you have a sister who is her age mate, she will make frequent visits to her.
4. Reading the messages you used to send. She will sit on the couch, bows her legs in between her raised knees, start scrolling and browsing through her phone inbox reading all those messages you used to send to her, those silly chats and sexy ones, she will read them and again.
5. Instant messaging via Facebook inbox and phone text messages. She will text as many messages as she can and will try to catch your attention till you reply back. If you try to ignore she will at least ask you nagging questions, lest you will quarrel and she will be having your attention already.
6. She will get some music and play your favorite songs, dance to them as she imitates your strokes. She may even call you and make you hear the music. Those songs to her represent you, who she is missing.
7. She will call you to tell you how she dreamt about you and will be happy to narrate how the dream was. That sign is enough to show you she is missing you already!
8. Will wear your clothes especially that long T-Shirt of yours, she will tie a knot on the let part of it and will be happy to walk around the neighborhood with it. She may even take a photo while wearing your T-Shirt and will send it to you then.
9. Complains always about your coming late, as she gives reasons why you should come early, much as she may not include the “missing you” reason but know it from me that it’s the main reason.0
10. Will start asking you which food she should prepare before you arrive. This so common when you have gone on a journey, two days, three or a week. Before you even plan to come back, she will be calling you asking you the favorite food that you would love to eat when you arrive so that she can prepare it before your arrival. This is because she is missing you already.

Nasa Tushabe
Nasa Tushabe
A Ugandan Business and Financial News Journalist. Writer and a critic. Reports Entertainment News for Blizz Uganda website.

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